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Holistic Bodywork to awaken more
choice, agency, personal power & possibility. 


Start a new story

The body is the most direct and powerful way to work with anything. It is the interface with life, the thing we do all the doing with. When that starts to change, everything else does to0.


In these sessions, I work with you using touch, pressure, resistance, contraction, breath, and awareness to liberate stuck energy, undo held patterns, and open up more aliveness, freedom, and choice.

We work together at the right pace for you, listening to the wisdom of your body. 

Hello, Wild One

I'm Aspen

For nearly 5 years, I've immersed myself in the world of somatic and embodiment work. Recently, I've ventured into hands-on bodywork, discovering the profound power of touch.

Our experiences shape us. They're not confined to our minds but etched in our muscles, postures, voices, and ways of being. We may lose ourselves in these patterns, forgetting who we are. 


But the beautiful thing is, that shape is not fixed.

We can transform, open, liberate, and connect back to the truth of who we are. 


We can take new shape.

I'm here to help you do that. You aren't broken; there's no fixing required. What you need is YOU – all of you.

How does this work?


In-person bodywork sessions

~At a Silent Feather Massage Studio in Livingston  Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays.

And at ENSO Natural Medicine in Bozeman on Monday's.

~75 minutes

~Sliding scale 130-200 

Click here to book in Bozeman.

If you want to book in Livingston and have not worked with me before, please fill out the short application below, and I'll be in touch to schedule our session.

*If you have worked with me before you can book your sessions in

Livingston here or in Bozeman here.

Have questions? Email me.



What to expect....

Every session will begin with a brief chat about what you desire to focus on. Together we find our doorway into the body.


Sessions are done with your clothes off, depending on your comfort level. Always optional, you can feel what's right for you in the session. 

Your body will show us where to go. We work together at the right pace for you, following the wisdom of your body.

Who is this for?

This is for humans who are longing for more choice, aliveness, and possibility in their life. 

This is for you if:

  • You desire a deeper connection with your body.

  • You've done some work. Maybe mindfulness, or yoga, or therapy, or trauma work but you feel you've plateaued.

  • You want to feel more empowered when it comes to your emotions, reactions, and mental chatter. 

  • You are craving more from your life. More aliveness, more creativity, more vibrancy, more life-force energy. 

  • You are ready to start a new story.

Still unsure....

There is a reason you are here. 

It's ok to be scared, nervous, unsure. 

You get to choose. 

You get to feel if this is right for you, every step of the way.

If you feel unsure send me an email, I would be more than happy to hop on a free call wit you and feel into if this work is right for you. 

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