The Membership

A scared, held space designed to awaken more choice, aliveness, personal power, and possibility.
The entirety of who you are is welcome here, wild one.

​This is time and space for you with you.


In these classes, we use movement, breath, sound, and somatic practice to reclaim, befriend, and embody the wholeness and fullness of who we are.

These Embodiment Classes are designed to increase your capacity to meet what is and turn towards yourself, rather than away. Creating a deeper intimacy with self and Life.

In each series (4 classes over 2 months) we explore a theme.

Each month there are two 90-minute live Embodiment Practice classes on zoom, an audio practice, reflections, and email support.

Investment in YOU
34$ monthly

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September & October Schedule

Theme:  Nourishing our True Selves

Saturday, September 10th and  Saturday 24th

Saturday, October 8th, and Saturday 22nd

all classes are 90-minutes and start at 11:00 am MT.

*Calls will be recorded and put up on the Membership page so you can access them if you can't make the live practice.

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Nourishing our True Selves

What if you didn't stop at healing?

Often our focus gets stuck on what still needs to heal, fix, shift, or change, and we forget to encourage and nourish the beautiful golden nuggets and pieces we start to free along the way.

We get stuck in the never-ending self-improvement project and forget to Live.

To create a beautiful garden you don't just focus on pulling the weeds, you also nourish and tend to the plants so they can come into full bloom. So you can receive their sweet ripe juicy bounty.

When we really allow these qualities and energies to take up more space, what naturally, gently, organically falls away?

When we encourage the beautiful parts and pieces that awaken within us, how does that naturally change how we move about the world?

What we do? How we meet life? 

In this series of classes, I am offering you the chance to delight in yourself, in who you really are, in the qualities that you love, enjoy, and trust. While encouraging and nourishing them to flourish and bloom.

Are you ready to actually LIVE?

What people are saying about the Membership

"There is something so incredible about having a consistent container to show up and practice in. It gives me a sacred place to process, work, and grow from my life experiences. Aspen is such an incredible teacher and guide. I feel so held, seen, and safe.

 The transformation I have seen in my life from this Membership has been so deeply significant. Thank you!"