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The Membership

A scared, held space designed to awaken more choice, aliveness, personal power, and possibility.
The entirety of who you are is welcome here, Wild One.

​This is time and space for you with you.


In these classes, we use movement, breath, sound, and somatic practice to reclaim, befriend, and embody the wholeness and fullness of who we are.

These Embodiment Classes are designed to increase your capacity to meet what is and turn towards yourself, rather than away. Creating a deeper intimacy with Self and Life.

In each series (4 classes over 2 months) we explore a theme.

Each month there are two 90-minute live Embodiment Practice classes on zoom, an audio practice, reflections, and email support.

Investment in YOU
$ monthly
Cancel, pause, or rejoin anytime

January & February

Theme:  New Beginnings

Saturday, January 7th & 28th

Saturday, February 11 th, & 25th

*Calls will be recorded and put up on the Membership page so you can access them if you can't make the live practice.

Sunrise over the Wheat Field

New Beginnings

What wants to come alive?

Often times we want to begin something but our energy is still invested in the past. We can get overwhelmed, or feel unmotivated, or start but never finish.

In order for something new to begin, something has to end.

That becomes our new starting point. 

Exploring beginnings and endings through the body gives us more embodied clarity in our lives. 

What comes up for you around beginnings and endings? Where do you get stuck? What are the stories, excuses, and patterns that arise? 

We will explore this theme through Embodiment Practice to awaken more agency, choice, personal power, and possibility in our lives. 

What people are saying about the Membership

"There is something so incredible about having a consistent container to show up and practice in. It gives me a sacred place to process, work, and grow from my life experiences. Aspen is such an incredible teacher and guide. I feel so held, seen, and safe.

 The transformation I have seen in my life from this Membership has been so deeply significant. Thank you!"

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