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The Membership

Embodied movement classes to awaken more choice, aliveness, personal power, and possibility.

Autumn Leaves

Current Theme


From roots to realities

As we step into September, we are greeted by an unmistakable atmosphere of change. There is a stirring as the world around us begins to transform and change its colors. 


What do you want to start?


What sparks your curiosity? 


How do you learn to bring things into form from your roots, up and out into the world?


How do you trust the natural rhythms of life? 



Join us as we begin something new.


Exploring rhythms, trust, fire, and the intricate corridors of creation, inspiration, and alignment. 


As always, meeting what we meet along the way, as a body.


Come embrace September's call to begin.

In each series (4 classes over 2 months) we explore a theme.

Each month there are two 90-minute live classes on Zoom. You will also receive audio practice, reflections, and email support to deepen the theme.


In these classes, we use movement, breath, sound, and somatic practices to reclaim, befriend, and embody the wholeness and fullness of who we are.

These Embodiment Classes are designed to increase your capacity to meet what is and turn towards yourself, rather than away. 

A practice space for the entirety of who and what you are, Wild One.

The Membership is time and space for you to create a deeper intimacy with yourself and Life. 


48$ monthly
Cancel, pause, or rejoin anytime

September & October 

Saturday September 9th & 23rd

Saturday October 14th & SUNDAY October 29th

*All calls and audio practices are recorded and put in the Membership portal, so you can access them if you can't make the live practice. Members also get a 20% discount on 1:1 Coaching and workshops.

What people are saying about the Membership

"There is something so incredible about having a consistent container to show up and practice in. It gives me a sacred place to process, work, and grow from my life experiences. Aspen is such an incredible teacher and guide. I feel so held, seen, and safe.

 The transformation I have seen in my life from this Membership has been so deeply significant. Thank you!"

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