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Dancing Feet

The Membership

Monthly embodied movement workshops to awaken more choice, personal power, and possibility.

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What if you could move through the world with power, clarity and ease?

We lose our power when we lose our physicality.

We don't speak up, we don’t make the move, we shrink, we pretend we didn’t want in the first place, and we lose ourselves. 

In this wildly physical class, we'll learn the pattern of how we lose our power and how through the body we can begin to connect back to it. Strengthening and encouraging those inherent qualities in the body of power, resilience, and resourcefulness. 

When you have your hips and legs what kind of moves can you make in the world?

Dancing Feet



The Membership gives you a live embodiment workshop on Zoom every month as well as an integration session, an audio practice, and writing prompts to deepen the learning. 

In these workshops, we use movement, breath, and somatic tools to create deeper intimacy with ourselves and Life.  

Each month we explore a new theme through the lens of the body. These workshops offer experiential learning to grow your practice, capacity, resilience, and trust.

This is a space for you to meet yourself in. Where the body leads and the mind learns. 

Workshops are held on the 2nd Saturday of the month. from 10-12 MT on Zoom. They are recorded and put up in the Membership Portal. There is also an optional integration class on the 3rd Saturday of the month. These are not recorded. They are designed to be a safe container to receive coaching, digest the work, and be in community together. 

*Members also receive discounts on coaching as well as access to the archives of past workshops and audio practices. 

Dates for March:
POWER Workshop March 9th 10:00 MT
Optional Integration class March 16th 
10:00 MT

48$ monthly
Cancel, pause, or rejoin anytime

Not ready to commit?
You can sign up for the single workshop on POWER here. 

The importance of doing this work together



There is so much more available when we do this work as a collective. Togetherness is a huge piece, that so many of us are missing. 

We are not meant to do this work alone. 

There is healing, growth, and transformation that cannot happen in isolation. There is a longing for belonging, for the village, the collective spaces where we can meet ourselves, and see each other reflected in the eyes of another. 

What might be different if we did this together? 


What people are saying about the Membership

"There is something so incredible about having a consistent container to show up and practice in. It gives me a sacred place to process, work, and grow from my life experiences. Aspen is such an incredible teacher and guide. I feel so held, seen, and safe.

 The transformation I have seen in my life from this Membership has been so deeply significant. Thank you!"

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