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The Membership

Embodied movement classes to awaken more choice, aliveness, personal power, and possibility.

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Current Theme

Back to Basics

Reclaim your agency

Everything is energy. And we've all learned intelligent ways to stop that flow of energy in our bodies. To lessen it, manage it, control it, block it, reduce it in some way; in order for us to feel safe, loved, and that we belong.


Over time we begin to realize that blocking that natural flow of energy restricts us and creates a limited experience of life.  


And so we start to seek teachers and guides, places and spaces that align with our commitment to begin to shift our relationship to life. We begin to grow our natural capacity to allow the free flow of energy to move through us. We start to do the work to heal our wounds, digest our history, integrate our experiences, and undo held patterns and reactions in the body. So that we become ever more free. Free to move about the world connected, alive, with an unwavering sense of self.


For two months we'll get back to basics, diving into Embodiment Practice in the Membership. We'll explore what it means to work with energy in the body. How we open up trapped history, free parts of ourselves, and grow our capacity to meet what is really asking to be met.




Come liberate yourself as we explore the building blocks of somatic practice! 

In each series (4 classes over 2 months) we explore a theme.

Each month there are two 90-minute live classes on Zoom. You will also receive audio practice, reflections, and email support to deepen the theme.


In these classes, we use movement, breath, sound, and somatic practices to reclaim, befriend, and embody the wholeness and fullness of who we are.

These Embodiment Classes are designed to increase your capacity to meet what is and turn towards yourself, rather than away. 

A practice space for the entirety of who and what you are, Wild One.

The Membership is time and space for you to create a deeper intimacy with yourself and Life. 


48$ monthly
Cancel, pause, or rejoin anytime

May & June

Saturday, May 13th & 27th

Saturday, June 10th & 24th

11:00 am MT

*All calls and audio practices are recorded and put in the Membership portal, so you can access them if you can't make the live practice. Members also get a 20% discount on all 1:1 Coaching and workshops.

What people are saying about the Membership

"There is something so incredible about having a consistent container to show up and practice in. It gives me a sacred place to process, work, and grow from my life experiences. Aspen is such an incredible teacher and guide. I feel so held, seen, and safe.

 The transformation I have seen in my life from this Membership has been so deeply significant. Thank you!"

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