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Soul Salve

Self-paced nourishment

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When we nourish ourselves we nourish everyone around us.

It's not easy to take time for ourselves. We live in a culture that tells us to push, and extract, and hustle.....

Which leads us to dullness, overwhelm, and loneliness. 

In order to meet what is challenging in life we must be nourished. In order to feel the good stuff, our systems must be tended to. In order for us to move about the world the way we desire, we must take care of ourselves. 

This is a collection of audio practices & resources designed to give you deep embodied nourishment. The entire program is available for immediate download the minute you complete your registration.

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This offering is for you if......

~You want to create time to nourish yourself.

~You want to expand your capacity for pleasure, goodness, and safety.

~You want more fluidity and flexibility with your emotions.

~You desire a deeper more intimate relationship with yourself. 

~You want more agency, choice, and possibility around how your respond to challenges. 

What you get

12 guided practices

Returning to the Rhythm of the Earth

This nourishing meditation supports in cultivating connection, trust and belonging. It connects you back to the earth, your body, and your own innate rhythm. 

Cultivating Trust

This is a movement based embodiment practice to support awakening energy.
It is  designed to increase your capacity to alchemize energy while building trust with yourself in a deep body-based way.

Cultivating in Saftey

This is a meditation designed to support you in connecting to a felt sense of safety in your body. 

Nourishing your Roots

This is a relaxing nourishing practice you can use anytime to bring in more presence, rest, and space into the body. 

Connect and Rest

This nourishing meditation supports in coming back home to loving connection with yourself. 

Low Belly Breath

The emotional waters live in our low belly, and often times this can be where we try to manage, control, and tighten against them. This is a short sweet practice to help you connect to whatever is alive for you in this moment.

Somatic Centering

This is a foundational somatic centering practice that supports cultivating a deeper level of presence and alignment with what matters most to you. 

I am here

A short practice to support returning to yourself and this moment. 

Gentle Resourcing & Support

A spacious audio practice designed to support deepening your ability to resource and receive support. 

Embodied Resourcing

Resourcing allows us to grow our capacity to meet what is challenging. This is a valuable tool that can transform so much in our lives.

Body Connect

A guided embodiment practice to support meeting what is, opening up energy, and connecting to your body. 

Opening your Heart

A gentle movement and visualization practice to support in meeting what's alive in your heart.

Designed to awaken energy, deepen connection and 

 allow more flow in your system.

Your guide

Hello, Wild One

I'm Aspen

For a long time, I lived my life for other people. I felt cut off from the good things. Like I had done life wrong, and somehow it was all my fault. Was this really all there was?

No. I had no idea how much more there was. 


We’re not meant to be stuck. To feel cut off from joy, playfulness, and a deep sense of presence. We’re not meant to lose ourselves and suffer through the intensity and uncertainty that surrounds us.


We’re meant to be free, clear, and strong. To meet life with an unwavering sense of self. 


And the body is the key. It holds wisdom, presence, and the capacity to adapt and move with life.


It’s time to get back there and remember.

There is a reason you are here.

Program Policies 

This is a digital product available for immediate download so there are no refunds. 

You are worth the investment! The more embodied these tools become the more they begin to be a natural part of your life. The wider the base of support is the easier it is to meet whatever life throws at you.

Still not sure? Have a specific question? Contact me! I'd be more than happy to answer any questions!

One payment of 26$

The entire program is available the minute you complete your registration.

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