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Meet what is

Growing your capacity & practice

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Our problems don't get smaller, we get bigger.

There is so much suffering that comes from simply not having the tools to meet life and the ISNESS that is here for us.

We are not taught how to be in an empowered relationship with our emotions, our history, our reactions, and challenges. And so we get to learn. 

The body is the most direct and powerful way of working with emotions, history, reactions, longings, desires, fears, trauma, shame, all of it.

We become the shape of our experiences.

Our history, beliefs, and stories are not just in our minds but embodied experiences that find a home in our muscles, postures, voice, and ways of being. We can become identified with these patterns, and forget who we are.

The beautiful thing is, that shape is not fixed.


We can transform, open, and awaken more possibility, aliveness, agency, and choice.

Our problems don't get smaller, we get bigger. 


We can take new shape.

This digital package offers guided practices to do just that. 

**A note. This is a package of 12 audio practices, if you desire a more comprehensive deep dive into this I would suggest checking out my online course, Embodiment Basics & Beyond. 

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This offering is for you if......

~You want to deepen your personal practice.

~You want embodied tools to help you build your capacity to meet challenges. 

~You want more fluidity and flexibility with your emotions.

~You desire a deeper more intimate relationship with yourself. 

~You want more agency, choice, and possibility around how your respond to life.

What you get

15 guided practices

Bind in the mind

This is a short embodied practice to support integrating stuck energy into the system. 

Somatic Sounding

A practice designed to give the body space to release stuck energy, and integrate the ISNESS that is here for you.

Cultivating Saftey

This is a meditation designed to support you in connecting to a felt sense of safety in your body. 

Release & Reset

This is an embodiment practice that uses awareness, breath, movement, and sound to support in releasing and integrating held tension and energy in the body so you can come home to a greater sense of wholeness.

Untangle your longings

 This embodiment practice increases your capacity to follow energy in the body, to intuitively open up the constrictions we create around energy that gets awoken in our systems. 

Evoking Possibility

This is a more advanced embodiment movement practice designed to support connecting to the energy of possibility. It involves movement and following the energy in your body. 

Noticer Practice

This is a short meditation to connect you with your breath, belly, heart and what's alive in your body. 

Somatic Centering

This is a foundational somatic centering practice that supports cultivating a deeper level of presence and alignment with what matters most to you. 

Body Connect

A guided embodiment practice to support meeting what is, opening up energy, and connecting to your body. 

The Longings of your Heart

A guided practice to open up your heart space and energy in the system. 

Feeling into Reactions

This is an embodied meditation designed to support you in working with reactions through a somatic lens. 

Embodied Resourcing

Resourcing allows us to grow our capacity to meet what is challenging. This is a valuable tool that can transform so much in our lives.

Meeting What's Here

A embodied movement practice designed to deepen your capacity to meet whatever energy is here, opening it up, integrating it, and coming back home to more of the truth of who you are. 

Meeting Your Heart

A guided practice to open, awaken and meet whatever is alive in your heart.

Nourishing your Limited Self

A embodiment practice designed to support you in becoming aware of the limited versions of ourselves we can get stuck in. Through movement, breath, awareness and sound you begin to loosen the hold these beliefs, stories and history hold on you, creating a deeper integration of YOU.

Your guide

Hello, Wild One

I'm Aspen

For a long time, I lived my life for other people. I felt cut off from the good things. Like I had done life wrong, and somehow it was all my fault. Was this really all there was?

No. I had no idea how much more there was. 


We’re not meant to be stuck. To feel cut off from joy, playfulness, and a deep sense of presence. We’re not meant to lose ourselves and suffer through the intensity and uncertainty that surrounds us.


We’re meant to be free, clear, and strong. To meet life with an unwavering sense of self. 


And the body is the key. It holds wisdom, presence, and the capacity to adapt and move with life.


It’s time to get back there and remember.

There is a reason you are here.

Program Policies 

This is a digital product available for immediate download so there are no refunds. 

You are worth the investment! The more embodied these tools become the more they begin to be a natural part of your life. The wider the base of support is the easier it is to meet whatever life throws at you.

Still not sure? Have a specific question? Contact me! I'd be more than happy to answer any questions!

One payment of 26.00$

The entire program is available the minute you complete your regist

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