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Self-paced Embodiment Programs 
Learn & grow at your own pace in your own space.

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Embodiment Basics
& Beyond

My signature offering.

If you want it all, this is it.


4 modules designed to take you on an embodied journey.

35 videos, 13 audio practices, journal prompts, and homework, all designed to give you a deep foundation that you can build your life from. 

Soul Salve

Nourishment for the Soul.
15 audio practices designed to give you deep embodied nourishment that is doable, gentle and awakens your own inner resources and capacity.

The more resourced we are the more capacity we have to meet challenges.


Meet what is

The essence of this work

15 audio practices to support growing your capacity to meet the ISNESS that is here for you. 

Use these to help deepen and develop your own personal practice.

Current live online offering

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An Embodiment Workshop on Zoom
Sunday, April 2nd 10-12 PT

We are not meant to be stuck, to feel frozen in place. We’re meant to move.

Our bodies want energy to flow through them. The more we learn to untangle the ways we contract around energy the more free we become.

Join me for two hours of movement, breath, sound, and exploration of how the body can naturally move from frozen to fluid.

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