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Word of the year-EXPANSIVE

My word of the year is expansive.

This is the word I committed to walking with for 2020. To deepening into, to learning from and listening to.

What feels expansive?

What choice brings more expansion in my being?

What desires feel expansive in my body and heart?

Expansion in my relationships in my life, my travels, in The Wholesome Tribe, in my reach and support of others. In my impact, influence, and empowerment on this planet.

Expansion not just in outward terms, but inward too, expanding into the depths of my being. Into the cracks and crevasses of me. Bringing out my younger selves that feel they are not ready or are resistant to growth and change, giving them refuge in other parts of myself. Nurturing and giving them what they are yearning for. From the inside out.

More depth, width, and length in my energy, of my being. Creating space inside myself cultivating expansive freedom and vibrancy.

Expansive in my experiences. In the depth and width of my emotions and presence.

Being fully here. All of me.

So, is there a word that’s been coming up for you?

Is there a word your heart has been whispering to you but you’ve been to busy to listen?

What is calling to you?

Listen. Trust. Embody. Be

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