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You are a mystery to be lived
not a project to be fixed

Somatic Coaching & Bodywork to awaken more choice, agency, personal power & possibility.

Hello, Wild One

I'm Aspen

I'm here to help you remember who you are.

I do this through Somatic Coaching, in-person Bodywork, monthly Embodiment classes, online offerings, and my signature course, Embodiment Basics & Beyond.

My work is centered around learning the ways we limit our freedom, cut ourselves off, and in some way create suffering, and finding how through the body to open that up, grow our capacity to allow energy to move through us, and bring us ever more alive and into who we really are.

You are not meant to be stuck.


You are meant to be free, clear, and strong.

To meet life with an unwavering sense of self. 


And the body is the key.

It’s time to get back there and remember.



Here is what I offer you


The Membership

Monthly online embodied movement classes designed to facilitate transformation.

Embodiment Basics
& Beyond

An online course designed to give you a deep embodied learning of somatic tools and practices.


Somatic Coaching
&  Bodywork

Deep 1:1 support to awaken choice, agency, aliveness & possibility.

Online Offerings

Downloadable audio practices and current workshops online & in-person.


Other's words.....

"I've noticed that I have much more compassion for myself when I notice an emotion, particularly something difficult for me like anger. Now I can approach it with curiosity and figure out what I want to do with it. Being able to transmute that into better feeling physical states is wonderful too! Really learning how to process emotions effectively so I didn't feel so stuck was also incredibly helpful."

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