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You are a mystery to be lived,
not a project to be fixed.

Embodiment Coaching & Somatic Healing to awaken more choice, agency, personal power & possibility.

This is for you.

The one who longs to feel deeply alive. Who desires Truth.

Who desires freedom. Who desires Life.

You came here to remember who you are.

Hello, Wild One

I'm Aspen

For a long time, I lived my life for other people. I felt cut off from the good things. Like I had done life wrong, and somehow it was all my fault. Was this really all there was?

No. I had no idea how much more there was. 


We’re not meant to be stuck. To feel cut off from joy, playfulness, and a deep sense of presence. We’re not meant to lose ourselves and suffer through the intensity and uncertainty that surrounds us.


We’re meant to be free, clear, and strong. To meet life with an unwavering sense of self. 


And the body is the key. It holds wisdom, presence, and the capacity to adapt and move with life.


It’s time to get back there and remember.

There is a reason you are here.

My Medicine

I am an Évocateur of Truth, here to support you in reconnecting to the Truth of who you are. I do this through 1:1 Embodiment Coaching, monthly Membership classes, and my signature online course, Embodiment Basics & Beyond. 


This is a place for you to come home to your Wholeness, Wild One. 

Everything I offer is through the lens of the body. It is the most powerful, direct way, of working with emotions, history, reactions, longings, desires, fears, trauma, shame, all of it.

We become the shape of our experiences.


Our history, beliefs, and stories are not just in our minds but embodied experiences that find a home in our muscles, postures, voice, and ways of being. We can become identified with these patterns, and forget who we are.

The beautiful thing is, that shape is not fixed.


We can transform, open, and awaken more possibility, aliveness, agency, and choice.

Our problems don't get smaller, we get bigger


We can take new shape.


The Membership

Embodied movement classes designed to facilitate transformation.

Embodiment Basics
& Beyond

A self-paced journey designed to give you a deep embodied learning of somatic tools and practices.


Embodiment Coaching

Deep 1:1 support to awaken choice, agency, aliveness & possibility.


"Working with Aspen has changed me and my life! I knew about Somatic method before I met her yet she took Embodiment to a whole new level for me. She has an ease about her and invites every aspect of me into relationship. Aspen's intuition is clear and powerful and has helped me to discern and clarify on multiple levels. The work she does is deep and truly transformational. If you are ready to find freedom within yourself and your life by embracing the mystery that is you, look no further! Aspen is the coach to bring you back to yourself."

~Heather Story

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