You are a mystery to be lived, not a project to be fixed.

Welcome, Wild One

This is for you.
You, who longs to feel deeply alive.

Who desires truth.
Who desires freedom.
Who desires LIFE.

I see you.
I feel you.
I am here with you.

This is what I offer you.


Embodiment Coaching & Somatic Healing to awaken more choice, agency and possibility.

I am here to remind you of your infinite power and possibility. Your wildness and aliveness.
To support you in reconnecting to the truth of who you are.

I do this through 1:1 Coaching, Classes, Membership, and other mindfulness & somatic resources.

This is a place for you to come home to your Wholeness.

Wild Nature

Deep 1:1 support to awaken choice, agency, aliveness, and possibility.

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A holding space for the unfolding of what is longing to be met.

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Free downloadable resources.


 I'm Aspen

I support people in creating freedom in their life through the lens of the body.


I want you to know that the entirety of who and what you are is welcome here. You belong. You matter.


My intention is to help guide you along your own path of the heart. To support you in coming home to who you are and what matters most to you. Empowering you to reclaim your wholeness and embody the totality of who you be.

However you choose to use this website; whether it's 1:1 coaching, taking classes, joining the membership, downloading free resources, or simply subscribing to the email list, know that it's all for YOU Wild One.

There is a reason you are here. 

With gratitude, grace, and deep deep love, 



Work with me

You are not broken. You don't need to be fixed. 

Some things you may desire though....


~More agility, ability, and capacity to be with emotions, energy, and Life.


~Tools, practices, and guidance to move your life in the direction you desire.


~A greater integrated, expansive sense of self, connected to Life.


~More choice, agency, and possibility. 


~A greater capacity to hold your experience, meet yourself in truth, and authentically express yourself. 

Your body wants to be free and wildly alive. 

There is infinite power and possibility waiting to be awakened. 

It is only through a fully embodied relationship with all of you that you can awaken and embody the aliveness and freedom you long for.

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Very little grows on jagged rock.
Be ground. Be crumbled,
so wildflowers will come up
where you are.

You've been stony for too many years.
Try something different.

~ Rumi


"Working with Aspen has changed me and my life! I knew about Somatic method before I met her yet she took Embodiment to a whole new level for me. She has an ease about her and invites every aspect of me into relationship. Aspen's intuition is clear and powerful and has helped me to discern and clarify on multiple levels. The work she does is deep and truly transformational. If you are ready to find freedom within yourself and your life by embracing the mystery that is you, look no further! Aspen is the coach to bring you back to yourself."

~Heather Story