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A 2-hour embodiment workshop on Zoom

    Class Details

    Who would you be if you could drop the effort and feel more ease in your body, mind and life?  Learning how to drop effort is how you create freedom in your life.  I have so many clients who come to me battling the underlying baseline of stress, anxiety, and needing to constantly do in order to keep up.  They are exhausted with the effort they exude in constantly rearranging themselves to feel ok.  This all happens in the body. When we learn how to drop effort, rest in ourselves, trust ourselves, and simply respond to life with natural ease, everything changes.  We don’t need more ideas of freedom, we need to feel it in our bones, tissues, and muscles. Come explore this topic of EASE with me in this deeply BODY workshop. DETAILS: EASE Workshop May 11th 11:00 MT on Zoom Optional Integration class May 18th 11:00 MT (only part of the Membership) This is a 2 hour movement-based workshop in the Membership, but you can just sign up for it as a stand alone workshop if you are not ready to join the Membership. (Go to Membership classes under offerings in the menu bar to learn more about the Membership.) *This class will be recorded (Members have access to the recording as well as an audio practice, a follow up integration session, and all archives of past workshops and audio practices)

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