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A 2-hour embodiment workshop on Zoom

    Class Details

    What is between you and feeling more joy in your life? We often think joy is contingent on things being a certain way, but perhaps joy is more about opening to life, just as it is, not pushing away any part of it. As the Taoist saying states, life contains 10,000 joys and 10,000 sorrows. Perhaps joy is about saying yes in a cellular way to the movements of life. Come explore this topic of JOY with me in this deeply BODY workshop. DETAILS: JOY Workshop June 8th 10:00 MT on Zoom Optional Integration class June 15th 10:00 MT (only part of the Membership) This is a 2 hour movement-based workshop in the Membership, but you can just sign up for it as a stand alone workshop if you are not ready to join the Membership. (Go to Membership classes under offerings in the menu bar to learn more about the Membership. 40$ for the workshop or 48$ a month for the Membership.) *This class will be recorded (Members have access to the recording as well as an audio practice, a follow up integration session, and all archives of past workshops and audio practices)

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