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What matters most?

Recently I have been reflecting more and more on what really matters to me.........

During this uncertain time, with so much changing, I have felt ungrounded and at times very lost and alone. These are natural feelings, waves that pass through my ocean that I practice meeting and being with. Sometimes with grace and ease, other times with fire and contention. Some days I can surf these waves and other times I will be lost at sea for what feels like an eternity.

It's all part of the aliveness and life that is here.

And so I keep returning to what is it that matters most?

When I listen, when I really allow the sand to settle and to feel into my heart what I hear my soul whisper is LOVE.

In the end, I don't think much else matters. I think looking back on my life one of the questions that will come to is, "How well did I love?"

Did I PAUSE and behold the wonder and mystery of my life, the here and now?

Did I let myself be happy? This one is big for me.

Was I really there for the hug from the ones I love? Did I lean into the joy?

Was I willing to fall in love with my life, fully, intimately, exactly as it is?

Did I let people matter to me, did I allow myself to care deeply about this life and the people in it? And then allow my heart to be broken open because I risked it being seen?

Was I willing to take risks? Be vulnerable? Be messy? Be wrong?

Did I share my wild heart?

Did I travel my inner wilderness?

How well did I love?

I invite you to reflect as well, in your own life.

What matters most to you?

Our world has changed, and the future is very uncertain.

It is a powerful time to sit with yourself.

You with You.

What matters most?

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