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I don’t believe we are taught how to transition in life, and yet we are asked to do it time and time again. We are in a constant state of transitioning in life; from one moment to the next, one activity to the next, from vacation to coming home. And then there are the larger transitions in life; from life events,  relationships, from different seasons in our life. How do we learn to transition gracefully and graciously?

When I was faced with this question I began to ponder what does transitioning even mean?

I’ve come to believe that it is a letting go of what was and a stepping into what is. But in order to transition gracefully and graciously, we must honor that space between.  

Breathing into that space, so that the transition can unfold naturally and organically. Because, how we transition will affect what is to come next. If we carry past baggage from our relationship into the next and don’t honor the transition period of letting to, then we are re-living, we are not present to what is, and we are in reaction to what was. If we carry past residue from a difficult day home with us then it can affect the rest of our evening, our sleep, our relationship.  

So what does honoring your transition look life to you? Because as with all things, it’s unique and personal to YOU, because there is only one YOU.

So, is it journaling, meditating, moving your body, crying, talking, all the things......... I find myself asking, how do I soak up what my being desires to take from this moment in life and let go of what no longer serves me in transition to the next moment in life?

The answer that comes, is being intentional and conscious of my transition.  

Honor it. Make it sacred.

Sit inside of yourself and listen.

What is this transition calling for? Does it call for a softer, more tender touch? A long embrace? Does it call for fire and release? To burn and let go? Does it need to be spoken aloud, felt, and shared?

Listen to YOU. What is this transition calling for? And HONOR THAT.

So that, you are open to all the possibilities in this next moment of life……………  

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