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The Undoing of the Human Doings

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Prefer to listen instead of reading? Here ya go!

I find myself lost in the doing.

Do you ever feel like you are racing along the surface of life and never arriving?

The term human doing’s gets thrown around a lot, and I get it. One of my big shifts in my journey from believing I was broken to knowing I have always been whole, was a shift from doing to being.

There was deep suffering from identifying with the doer. And not just the doer, but the deficient one who was always falling behind and never enough.

When I slowed down and began to deepen my practice of being, that’s when I first started to lay down the stones for the path to come back home to myself.

And don't get me wrong, I still find myself, more often than not, caught in the doing. Tumbling into the future, and missing this moment.

And that’s ok.

The practice is noticing when I am racing on the hamster wheel, and to pause.

To practice the sacred pause. (I have a whole free guidebook and package on the subject here, if you desire to go deeper)

To feel what is really going on. To meet what is. To directly contact the life that is here.

What am I unwilling to feel in this moment?

Can I meet myself right here and allow?

Can I hold the ocean that is me?

It takes practice and trust.

And it is incremental.

In order to build the capacity to be with the energy that is here we must move at the pace of our bodies. It's moment to moment work.

When I first began to pause in my life, I would be filled with so much anxiety fear, anger, and grief, as if it was all catching up to me. And I would only be able to pause for a short time. It was too much. I would easily become overwhelmed. But my tolerance grew.

Just like my ability to feel grew. To access the physical sensations in my life and directly contact life.

The more we practice being with what is, our window of being able to stay, grows.

We realize we are more capable than we thought, to be with what is. And the more we practice feeling what really needs to be felt, the more we free it, incorporate it, and have that energy for life.

I believe we all long for beingness, and that suffering happens from being hooked, addicted, and stuck in the chronic doing. So much so, that we don’t know how to touch the beingess. And oftentimes, when we begin to practice being and stopping, we feel that there is something wrong. And sadly, we often believe, that that something wrong is us.

Our beliefs and thoughts are real. But they are not always true.

When I find compassion for those beliefs, stories, and conclusions that I hold in my mind, my body, and my heart, they stop defining me. My identity is no longer hooked to them.

So, how do we stop more, and how do we undo the doing and reclaim the wholeness that is here inside? Because I know in my soul, that the real mystery of life, the real yum, the real intimacy with others and myself comes from BEING, not from DOING.

It’s honoring those sacred practices.

The practice of the sacred PAUSE.

The practice of creating more SPACE.

The practice of BEING.

It’s remembering to slow down and to breathe.

It’s being present with the words from a loved one.

It’s noticing what is really going on.

It's contacting the physical sensations in the body that are Life.

It’s feeling your feet on the ground, the air on your skin.

It’s connecting to this great mystery that you are a part of.

The more we deepen the grove back to the present moment, the more we are truly arriving in our life. In the beingness that we long for.





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