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The One Thing

We all have those days where it seems like everything is hard. Where if something can go wrong it does, we even have that phrase “it was one thing after another.” We have also all felt tired, sad, angry, or depressed for no "good reason" and unable to shake it off. Everyone has experienced an “off” day. So we at The Wholesome Tribe are interested in finding out how do you keep yourself in a positive state more frequently? How do we shift from having bad days to only having bad moments? We are always striving to find the best strategies, tools, and practices to be your best self and live your best life. What are the tools for devolving this personal power, for designing our life?

We are inviting you to explore and see what are the things that move the needle the most for you? What practices do you have that if you do them on a consistent basis life is just easier for you? If life sucks right now, think back to a time when you were feeling good on a consistent basis, what was different? What were you doing that you are not doing now?

In this blog, we are distilling it to the ONE THING. Because we feel that it is valuable to know that about yourself. This one thing is unique and can be different for everyone, but I urge you to explore what that is for you. Micah and I discussed this topic in this weeks video HERE.

For me, the number one needle mover is movement. If I am not moving my body, being physically fit and feeling alive, being outside moving around on a consistent basis, everything else starts to slip. If I am not taking care of myself physically then everything around me is harder. If my internal world isn’t healthy, my external world isn’t healthy. The times in my life when I am making time to exercise, be outside, go to yoga, dance, move, and breath are the most productive, joyful and fulfilling times.

What’s your number one thing? Is it mediation? Is it the food you eat? Is it the quality of your relationships? What is the one thing that if it’s off or missing from your life, everything else doesn’t have a foundation to rest on?

A great example of this is, what set’s you up for your day? Do you notice that if you have a certain routine or thing that you do in the morning than the world is just easier and people are nicer? Your perspective is more optimistic?

We talk about morning rituals a lot around here, but there is a reason. They are extremely powerful. If you give yourself the time and do the things that work for you to set yourself up to be a state where your day flows easier, where you have more time, where you are more present and joyful then everything in your life is a thousand times easier and better. I’m not saying it’s a magic pill and you never have a bad day or a bad moment, what I am saying is, don’t you want to give yourself the advantage, a greater chance at having a good day?

It’s a disservice not to. Don’t set yourself up to loose, the world is already going to throw a lot at you, set yourself up to be in a state that can handle whatever comes your way, and feel those good feelings on a more consistent basis. How you start your day determines your day. If you need support or ideas for what a morning routine could be for you look check out last weeks newsletter, or reach out to us! We’d love to support you one on one!

You can also start with what doesn’t work. What triggers you? Begin to become aware and conscious of your choices and actions throughout the day and ask yourself, is this serving me? Is this effective? Is this creating the feelings I want in my life? If not, how can I shift, let go, move away, or change my perspective about it? Is it even necessary to be doing what I'm doing right now? Can I take a breath and redirect? Living awake and aware is always the first step. You can’t change what you can’t see.

The last thing I’ll say is give yourself this gift of exploration. It’s ridiculous not to find the one thing that makes everything else in your life easier and do it on a consistent basis. By taking the time to have a morning routine, or making sure every day, no matter what, you are doing the one thing you know you need to do to keep your energy flowing, your mind focus and present, your soul happy and healthy, you are giving yourself so much! SO much more time and energy, making your life easier, more enjoyable and fulfilling.

When you are in a good state of mind, you are open and ready to receive the good that’s out there waiting for you. So go. Do it. Explore and discover. Commit and do CONSISTENTLY. What’s your needle mover?

Written by Aspen Marino

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