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Stamp your passport

This crazy journey we are all on can be so confusing at times. We think we are going down one path and it shifts or merges into another. We think we have left something behind for good, until we come around a corner one day and there it is, waiting for you. I want to say that even though sometimes it feels like we have SO far to go, or that we haven't gone anywhere at all, have faith friend. We are stamping our passport today. No matter how far you have to go, you can always start again.

The next time you stumble ask yourself, do you perceive this as an end or a beginning?

A failure or a lesson?

No matter where you are in your journey, meet yourself right there.

Find your feet. Breathe. You are not alone.

Set in a new intention, or come back to one you may have dropped along the way, and stamp your passport.

See you out on the road.

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