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Updated: Jul 2, 2020


A word I chose to walk with. How can I create more space? More space inside myself, in my life, in my schedule, in my time, this word has grown to inform so much of my moment to moment. It always amazes me the power of intentional words.

The word space and spaciousness kept coming to me and so I decided to honor that and walk with that intention. It’s been a beautiful compass, that has informed my doing and my being. When I feel construction in my body, mind, or heart, I ask, “How can I bring more space here?” This has created a new sense of ease inside of me. When I feel overwhelmed and rushed in the day, (and I remember to pause) I have been able to hear the word SPACE. I stop and ask, “How can I create more space here?” Suddenly doors open up that before I was blind to, or I was just rushing past. It’s amazing what happens when we walk through life with intention. I’ve been able to listen more to what I really want to say.

Just walking and breathing with the intention to create more space has allowed for so much more. It's space in my mind, body and heart. It has informed what is developing and what is unfolding. When I first thought of space, I just thought of it in terms of clearing space, I didn’t think of what that space that I created would then allow in. So much more love, creativity, presence, and time. I think, often times, it is not that something is not available to us, or we don't have access, it's that we are not ALLOWING it in. We are not creating the space, the invitation and the permission.

In as much as space has infused my being, it has also supported in the doing. It’s helped me in restructuring my content calendar and workflow so that I’m not so easily overwhelmed by the demands I often put on myself. It’s allowed me to put in the time to make more space, instead of rushing onto the next doing because there “isn’t time.” Of course, there is time, when you MAKE IT. When you create the space, then time is allowed in.

So, what’s your word? What will you walk with for the remainder of this year? What do you desire to call forth into your life? What is the deepest truth? Really listen. You already know the answer, all you have to do is allow it and honor it.

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