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Moment to Moment

It's about who we are in each moment. The choices we make and how we show up.

What I have been noticing lately in my personal practice is that it all boils down the present moment. To making those subtle shifts in the only moment you have, this one. Yeah, the big things matter, morning routine, healthy foods, enough sleep, good relationships, BUT how we actually create lasting change is in the moment. Being present is the key to everything. It’s in the moment to moment, that we have the real power.

Think about it, everything comes from the present moment, the big things unfold moment by moment. It’s this constant connection and grounding to the present moment where choice and power reside. The recalibrating when we notice we are not where we desire to be. The connection, realignment, and embodiment of who we are, happens in the here and now. 

I’ve talked and taught about responding to your life rather than reacting, and the tools that we have to do that. Well, when do we use those tools?  In the present moment. That’s when it happens, if we are not here, not paying attention, not doing the work in the moment, then at the end of the day we look back and we are not happy with our day, and therefore over time, our life. We don’t feel the way we want to feel. We are not creating the life we desire. 

The power is in the moment.  The great thing about this is there is always a new moment. So if in one moment we react, or we fall, or we slide backward, there is always a new moment, and another and another. It's a beautiful gift. Be grateful for it. 

Any second of the day you have the power to create a new moment. Try it. The next time you are feeling like you are having a “bad day,” just give yourself permission to create a new moment. To shift gears, to choose a different kind of day. See what happens.

Find your moments. Find the power that the present holds. It’s all we have, so you get to choose how you live it.

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