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Find Your Feet

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

When you find your feet, you know where you are.

In a world that sometimes I can find so easy to get lost in, this always brings me home.

When I am stuck in my head, lost in a trace, or somewhere else completely, I am missing life.

I feel the suffering of this. My body knows.

And so one of the things I practice and support others in is connecting back to the body.

In this week's video, I share 3 simple ways to do this.

Why does this matter?

Because when we are cut off from our bodies, we are cut off from life. When we are connected to our bodies we are connected to life. We can live from a more present, whole state of being, that gives us a richer, deeper experience of being alive.

Which I think is pretty cool:)

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Hello, everybody, I'm Aspen, I am an Embodiment Coach. And today I want to give you three simple ways in which to connect to your body.

So why does this matter?

Because when we are cut off from our bodies, we are cut off from life. When we are connected to

our bodies, we are connected to life. And we can live from a more present full state of being that gives us a richer, deeper experience of being alive, which I think is pretty cool. So these are three simple ways in which you can practice connecting to your body coming back home and being here for life.

So number one, breath, taking a breath, connecting to your breath, feeling the quality of it, how it moves in the body, I love to put a hand on my belly, a hand on my heart, and really feel how the breath expands how it contracts, and noticing the quality of my brea

th, anchoring me back in my body, and really feeling I'm a body breathing. So oftentimes, throughout the day, we're not really breathing. And besides being super unhealthy, it doesn't help us be here anchored in our body. So becoming mindful of the breath, maybe that's just noticing the breath, maybe it's taking a fuller deeper breath, maybe it's letting out some sound, but using the breath as a tool to anchor you back in your body.

Number two, connecting to your lower body, finding your feet. So the really cool thing is when you find your feet, you know where you are, does anybody else get super lost, and you're out there in the mind, and you're just gonna move, move, no idea where you really are, find your feet connect to your lower body. A lot of times, we're super disconnected from our lower body, and that is one disconnecting us from like all of our power and where we stand in the world. And too, we get really in this virtual reality, and we're not really attac

hed and connected to what is true. So connecting to your lower body that can look like simply looking down and finding your feet, it can look like activating the muscles, doing some squats, shaking it out, connecting to your pelvis, reconnecting to your roots, to your power to your presence and to your lower body physical making it physical.

Number three, movement. So movement is so powerful. In the embodiment world, it's everything. And there is it's like strengthening a muscle. So movement can look like a bajillion different ways. And one of the ways I really find it to be powerful is to let the body lead. So to not think about what it looks like or any of that to get into the bodily sensations and felt sense and let the body move from there. And that takes practice, it's like going to the gym and working out. And so at first, it might feel really wonky. And I don't know, and I don't feel things or Oh, it's too overwhelming, it's too much. So it might be a more structured form of movement, like going for a walk or exercising or running or something like that, which can really help you connect back to your body. And you can also grow the capacity to just let the body move how it wants to move. So a beautiful way to start to practice this is just to put on a song to close your eyes or to have them downcast. So yo

u're not, you know, up here, you're in your body, and to just begin to feel, how does the body want to move, and giving yourself permission. A lot of times throughout the day, we're kind of overriding our bodily experience and sensations. So what if you were just to give the body permission to move to shake, to let out sound and begin to explore that. And the more that you do, the more that you deepen the trust, and the more that your body gets to lead. Because the body knows how to undo it knows how to move through emotion, it knows how to love it knows how to grieve it knows how to do all the things. We have a lot of stories that pull us away from that wisdom and that knowing and we've all learned different ways to survive and disconnect. So movement, letting the body move in whatever way it wants to. And like I said, you can build that capacity. So you can also have more structured forms, yoga, walking, exercising, even doing a couple push ups, right that can bring you back to your body because your physical lising Ah, I'm an animal in a body, here I am.

And last is to really take the time after so those first three different ways to kind of shrink back in your breath, finding your feet connecting to your lower body and movement. If you do all of those or one of those to take a beat afterwards and to notice, okay, how am I now am I possibly more here do I feel more of my Body, is there a little bit more space? Is there more room? Do I feel more choices, more options. So to take time after any of that to really notice, because the more that you can anchor in that felt sense of being at home or being present or just being more connected, the more you learn to trust that, the more you can come back to that, the more that becomes your baseline. And so to always take time at the end, to feel what you're feeling, and to notice what is happening in your body.

So those are three simple ways. And if you desire to learn more about this or to grow, or to really feel in your body, what this is like, so they're out there in the world, you've got all of this power juice available to you, I have an incredible monthly membership. And right now there is a free trial. So you can try it out free for 30 days. Each month, you get to 90 minute calls, where we do a guided embodiment practice, we go through breath, work and movement and sounding. And it is just I mean, there's not words to describe how freaking transformative and powerful it is and how important it is to be doing this work consistently. And with a collective. It's, yeah, there's not there's no words to describe how freakin cool it is. So you can just try it out for yourself. And it's time and space for you with you to really become in an empowered relationship to your experience and therefore your life so that you're living from more of the fullness and wholeness of you, because you're amazing. So check out that and all the free downloadable resources on my website, blog, podcast, all the things and of course, I'd love your comments and for you to subscribe and tell me what you're dealing with and your life and follow me on Instagram and all of those things. I do love to connect with this beautiful community. So sending you so much love. Thank you!


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