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3 Simple Tools to Support Connection, Presence, and Emotional Agility throughout your day!

This whole being a human on the planet thing can be really freaking challenging. AND we have access to so much more when we begin to deepen our body awareness and become more physical.

Here are a few simple tools I like to use to support building connection, presence, and emotional agility!

Transcript & Summary: Three simple tools to support connection, presence, and emotional agility throughout your day. 1. Take an inner snapshot of how you are right now and embrace it kindly. Meeting what is, gently, kindly, JUST noticing. I like to put my hand on my heart, and just check-in, take a snapshot of how you are right now.......(not WHY) HOW is my body feeling? What is the sensation of that in my body? Strengthening your capacity to feel sensations, to move from the thinking self to the feeling self. If you get caught up in the story or the narrative, find your feet. Really feel where they meet the earth, maybe drop your heels into the earth, returning to the body, to the earth, dropping the awareness down and in. How is my body feeling? What is the sensation of that in my body? Kindly! Softly opening to what is. Not getting into WHY, we are listening to the body. If you do get pulled into why, bring it back to the body. Where do I feel that story, that thinking, that belief, that narrative in my body. What do I notice in my body? And there might be a lot of numbness, numbness is a sensation. I used to feel nothing in the middle of my body, at all. You can increase your capacity to feel by bringing your awareness to sensations in the body throughout your day. Start with more pleasurable ones, like when you are in the shower. This kind of check-in does a lot of things. It brings you into the present moment, which is the only moment something new and different can occur. It grounds you back into your body. It aligns your body, mind, and heart all in the same place. And it empowers your relationship to you. It lets your system know, I’m here. I’m listening. You are connecting to your experience. I spent my whole life running from myself, and I think many of us do. And so when we begin to meet ourselves, to let our backs catch up with our fronts it's powerful. And it can be really challenging but it is extremely liberating and beyond worth it. You get Life. A deep experience of being alive rather than just skimming the surface and never arriving. 2. Back body awareness.

Just bringing your awareness to your back body. We are really focused forward and we can be kind of tumbling through life, so to feel the back of your legs, your bum, your lower back your upper back. Really feeling the back of your heart, down your arms, up the back of your neck. Just resting into that. In Somatic Centering they say that the blackbody holds everywhere we have ever been, all our past experiences. And so resting in that history, letting there be space for that.

AND the really cool thing is that when you become aware of your back body, and let that expand out to the side and the front, you are tapping into the sensations of 360 degrees. There is possibility, there is potential. You can move, you have choices. And that's huge. I found that having choices was a really liberating thing on my journey. 3. Bounce.

Gently bouncing at your knees. Great to do in the morning, gets your lymphatic system going. It changes the energy in your body, moves stagnant energy out, gets the blood pumping. Great to do if you've been sitting at your computer, take a break and bounce for 60 seconds. There are so many health benefits AND mental benefits. So bounce.

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