Embodiment Basics & Beyond


Building The Contatiner

Enjoying the Nature
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Welcome, Wild One...

I am so glad you are here! I am celebrating you for choosing you. Your journey deeply matters.

Wholeness and connection within your being creates a greater capacity to connect to life, others, the earth, and the world.

It heals the planet. 

Take this journey at your own pace.


When you are ready to move on to what is next, just scroll down the page. Pause, redo, and take time to digest.

Listen to the rhythm your body wants to move at, not the rhythm you think you should move at :) 

Introduction Video

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Getting to know sensations....
Audio Practice

Sensations are the building blocks of life. When we contact them, we are directly contacting life.

This audio practice is designed to begin to cultivate your capacity to notice and be with sensations. This is the foundational piece for all embodiment and somatic work.

This takes time!

Do this practice as often as you can, at least 3 different times before moving on to the next video.

Attached is a PDF, The Language of Sensations. Use this PDF to support learning the language of your body. It takes practice to learn how to feel, notice, be with, and track sensations. 

You can download this audio practice, or listen to it right here on the player below. 

Getting to know sensationsArtist Name
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Befriending The Body

Take a pause.....
Grab your journal and tune into your body. 
Take 3 full breaths, maybe placing hands on body if that feels right for you. Tune in.
What are you noticing?
Can you name 2 or 2 sensations that you are noticing in your body?
(You can look back at your sensation list if you need)
What is alive in your body?
What's true for you in this moment?

Let it pour out onto the page. Full permission. All is welcome.

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Befriending The Body
Audio Practice

This is an audio version of the practice I led you through in the video above.


You can use this practice at any time to deepen your body awareness and to come more fully into the wholeness and fullness of you.

Befriending the BodyAspen Marino
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Put it into play.....

This section will be in each module....it's where you take what you are learning and practicing in this container and put it into play in your life. Because that's what really matters.

How does this work translate to your life? How do you begin to put it into your everyday?
So here is your invitation to put it into play.....

~Practice tuning into sensations throughout your day.
Pause, bring a hand to your body, and tune in.
What's alive in your body? Can you notice 2 or 3 sensations?
Without trying to fix, change, or make it better, can you just notice what's happening in your body at the level of physical sensation? 

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Cultivating Saftey
Audio Practice

In order to have the capacity to meet challenging sensations, energy, and feelings in the body we must cultivate safety. 

We all have trauma to varying degrees, and we have all been through lots of life experiences. The body holds all of it. So, the more we increase our capacity for safety, the more room there is to navigate what might feel more challenging. 

Remember, work at your own pace. Maybe you just stay here for a while and build safety. (I did this for about a year before I was ready to move on to more, and it's still a foundational part of my personal practice.) 

Honor your body, honor your own unfolding.

Cultivating Safety PracticeAspen Marino
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Audio Practice

Resourcing is an incredible skill set to develop. It allows us to grow our capacity to meet what feels challenging.

In this audio practice, you will be guided into attuning to different layers of resources. Use this at any time to start to deepen your ability to resource, and then start to put it into play in your life!

Resourcing PracticeAspen Marino
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Why Practice?

Sandy Beach

Expanding Your Awareness
Audio Practice

This practice opens up your awareness to not just the physical sensations, but also the emotional landscape and the thinking. These 3 planes are all access points into what's true for you. 

This practice increases presence and awareness while awakening more choice, agency, and capacity.

It's another very key foundational practice, so do it at least twice before moving on to what's next :) 

Expanding your awarenessAspen Marino
00:00 / 07:40

Journal Time
Grab your journal and tune into your body. 
Take 3 full breaths, maybe placing hands on body if that feels right for you. Tune in.
What are you noticing?
Can you name 2 or 2 sensations that you are noticing in your body?
(You can look back at your sensation list if you need)
What is alive in your body?

Take time here to journal on what you are digesting from this module.
I am digesting.....
Let it pour onto the page. You might even want to lay on your belly as you write to support this digesting :)


Put it into play.....

1. Before you move on to the next chapter choose one of these audio practices to repeat.  
You choose, whichever you feel called to.
Take time to really deepen your body awareness before moving on.

2. If you can, begin to implement a pause in life.
So throughout your day when you can remember, pause, and tune into physical sensations in the body.
Sometimes it helps to bring a hand to your heart to help the awareness drop into the body, or to close your eyes.
And just feel what is here at the level of physical sensations. 
(It might be uncomfortable but see if you can stay for a few moments)
Without changing or fixing or making anything different, can you be with what is for a few breaths?
Track those sensations, what's alive in your body.........

3. Choose one thing from this module to add to your personal practice. If you don't have a personal practice, start one.
Choose one thing (resourcing, safety, noticing sensations, befriending the body, cultivating safety, whatever you feel called to!)
Here is a playlist I like to use for my own practice, it's nice sometimes to have the container of a song.
Trust that you will find your own rhythm and way:)

~And lastly, take time here to write about what you are celebrating. 
Big, small, doesn't matter. 
I am celebrating..............