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Create the life you desire

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February 10th-March 13th

Wednesday's  at 6:00pm MST

& Saturday's at 11:00am MST

live calls on Zoom.

All recordings, tools, and resources are available in your course content forever.




This course is about.... you with you

You are the artist of your life.

This course is designed to support you in cultivating the most important relationship in it, you with you.

My intention is not to just give you more tools,

but instead to invigorate and expand

the one using the tools. 


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“Our bodies know that they belong; it is our minds that make our lives so homeless.”

― John O'Donohue

Do you feel blocked?

Do you feel cut off from your innate creativity and aliveness?

You are not alone.

What you long for is here waiting for you, dear one.

It's ancient, it's wild, it's you.

You deserve to feel the fullness, wholeness, and sacredness of  YOU.

This precious life is here for you.

You don't have to wait.

You are not a project to be fixed, wild one, but a mystery to be lived.

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~You can't quiet the critic in your head.

~You feel at war between what feels authentic and true to you, and what should be.

~Your expression in the world feels strangled and tight in your throat.

~You long for rest and an aliveness that feels out of reach.

~You wish you could slow down and

let life in.


We will dive into....

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~Awakening the body and learning its language, through breath, movement, sound, and visualization.

~Opening and clearing your system so that creative life energy can flow freely.

~Reclaiming your wholeness and freeing your authentic expression.

~Exploring how you move with the energy of life, increasing your capacity to respond rather than react.

~Nurturing and replenishing your own creative life force energy.

And so much more...

What you'll learn..

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~How to listen and attune to your body’s natural wisdom.

~How to connect to the life force energy that is already and always here for you.

~A new language and way of communicating with your body. 

~How you receive energy and put it into form.

~How to cultivate your creative energy, and nurture your own natural rhythm. 

~How to meet yourself in truth.

The outcomes I see possible for you...

~A deeper connection to your inner guidance system

~A greater more expansive sense of self

~More choice and freedom in your life

~A deeper capacity to respond authentically


~Ownership of your creative energy

And so much more...

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This course includes...

~Weekly Teaching Calls~

We will gather to dive deep into the core principles, tools, and teachings for that week.

~Weekly Embodiment Calls~

We will use breath, movement, somatic opening, and energy clearing. These calls transform the learning into living.

~Coaching Support~

~Weekly homeplay, tools, guided audio practices, and more~




 ~Igniting your creative flame






~Plugging back into your body's wisdom

~Creating Somatic Awareness



~Clearing the channel so that creative life force energy can freely flow through you



~Reclaiming, befriending, and tending to your

own creative fire




~The integration of it all

~Embodying your wholeness

The Schedule

*All calls will be recorded so you can access the replay if you can't make it live.

You have all the course materials for life.

Wednesday's at 6:00 pm MST & Saturday's at 11:00 am MST

Your Guide



 I'm Aspen

I am an Embodiment Coach, facilitator & creator.

I am a fellow traveler on this journey with you. 


I want you to know that the entirety of who and what you are is welcome here.

You are already whole. My intention is to help guide you along your own path of the heart, to create more freedom in your life, and ignite a fire within you so that you can create the life you desire. 

We are part of this earth. We are born from creative life force energy. It’s already here for us. My goal is to support you in peeling off the layers, in unraveling, in cleaning up your waters, and returning back to your wild, native self so that new life can spring.

I believe everyone deserves to feel the wholeness and fullness of them, to truly come home to themselves. This course is meant to awaken your creative life force energy and deliver you back to you. The one you seek is you. The love you long for is your own. It’s time to come home. I hope you join me on this journey. 

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in You

~5 weeks of transforming your relationship with you.

~10 Live Calls

~Weekly tools, practices, audios, and resources.

~Practices for life......

And more............bonuses!

~A free hour-long one on one coaching session with me (100$ value)

~A free month of your choice of membership (36$ value)

All for only

194 $

Or two payments of 100$

*Need financial assistance?

Reach out, I have some scholarship spots open.

“When it is impossible to claim for even one more moment that you are unworthy of the wild, untamed love that is your birthright, your perception will be cleansed and you will realize you are home, in the sacred world that has always been here and is already the holy ground on which you stand.”

-Matt Licata

Join me, wild one.

"Our challenge each day is not to get dressed to face the world, but to unglove ourselves so that the door knob feels cold, and the car handle feels wet, and the kiss goodbye feels like the lips of another being, soft and unrepeatable."

― Mark Nepo

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