Embodiment Basics & Beyond

Unlock the wisom of your body

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Become more of the truth of who you are

Your body wants to be free and wildly alive.

How would your world change if.......


~You trusted yourself.

~You fully inhabited your body.

~You felt connected and aligned to Life.

~You knew your deep, wild, authentic essence and how to share that with the world. 

There is infinite power and possibility waiting to be awakened. 

You are not broken, you don't need to be fixed.

What you need, is YOU.

It is only through a fully embodied relationship with all of you that you can awaken and embody the aliveness and freedom you long for.

More life. More of you. 

The entire program is available for immediate download the minute you complete your registration.

What is Embodiment Basics?

Who is this for?

What will you gain? 

Intimacy with self 

What is included? 

What makes the special

Become more of the truth of who you are

The entire program is available for immediate download the minute you complete your registration.

self paced 

-work at your own pace

-review and redo as often as you like.

You always have it, one you have these tools you can truly use them forever. You will have everything you need to deepen your exploration on your own and meet life in new and different ways. 

One payment of: 


By working through the body you get more of you. 

You directly shift. 

The doing changes when the being changes. 

How this came about….

How this came about 

talk about the pain points, 

and WHY

-skimming the surface

-we want a rich experience of being alive

-intimacy with self, to really know ourselves and have a deep connection.

-we want to live from our wholeness and the truth of who we are instead of cut off and in a small self.

People and the world is longing for this work. 

We are longing for a deeper connection to ourselves, each other and the world. LIFE. 

I hear the longing in so many to be more connected to the turht of who they are. To have a deeper richer experiie of being alive. To truly feel connection, intimacy and belonging. TO live aligned to life. 

Program Polices 

Program policies:


This online program is non-refundable. If you’re wondering if a program you’re considering is right for you, please take some time to get familiar with my work so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not to make a purchase. There are many free resources on my site that will give you a good feel for my work.

Still not sure? Turn to your own wisdom. Ground and center yourself. Then, ask yourself one simple question: If I trusted myself fully, what would I choose to do?

Have a specific question? Contact my team here for more help. Thank you!