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Audio Practices

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5 minutes of self-love

This is a short meditation to support you in coming back home to yourself and offering love.

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Noticer Practice

This audio practice is designed to strengthen your ability to check-in, connect, and notice what is here.

It increases presence and awareness while awakening more choice, agency, and capacity.

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Loving Connection Mediation

This free guided meditation supports you in cultivating loving connection with yourself.

 It begins with a connection to the breath and the body and then I move into guided imagery of imagining love and light filling up your whole being.

Use this any time of day to connect back to your own inner radiance.

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Release Tension 

This is a short practice designed to support you and releasing tension and setting an intention. You can use it throughout your day and transitions, at the beginning or end of your day.

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Slow Down

This is a short meditation to support you in slowing down. I guide you to connect to your breath, the earth, and the aliveness of your body. Use it anytime as a way to slow down, connect to your body, and land back in the present moment.

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